To enroll school driving in a course, you must:

To enroll school driving in a course, you must:

lover 21 years old;

  • have a complete secondary education;
  • have a valid category “B” driver’s license and at least 3 years of experience;
  • not deprived of the right to drive a vehicle for the last 3 years.
  1. Reinstall your car. From us, you can buy (with or without assembly) a kit for vehicle re-equipment with all the necessary documentation (see details here), take it with you and all the documents to the head of the traffic police of your administrative district. We signed the application for making changes, passed the technical inspection and received the new automatic driving lessons car registration certificate with the appreciated line: “Duplicate brake pedal and clutch installed” In conclusion, you must also get there ” Certificate of Conformity of Vehicle Design with Safety Requirements » .

III. We are registered with the tax inspectorate as an individual entrepreneur (you must definitely get a “ Certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur”

Its simple procedure allows you to become a professional private school driving instructor!

Do you drive well? Do you teach many contacts, and are they satisfied? Maybe you should change your profession to be more profitable and always in demand? Have you ever wondered how to become a driving automatic car instructor?

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Of course, for this decisive step, it is not only necessary to compile the entire package of relevant documents, to be more disciplined and responsible, but also, most likely, to re-equip your car.

Doesn’t that scare you? Are you ready for all this to achieve your goals? Then let’s start in order.

Part 1. How to become a driving instructor? What does it take to get your first student?

  • A few years ago, I finally decided to make my dream come true and learn to drive a car. The hardest part is finding the right teacher. Of course, there are many driving schools in my city. But, nevertheless, very often, unfortunately, we have to hear about what kind of training practice torture, how prospective teachers shout at their students who are grown and old. This is, frankly, very scary. I can’t stand it pathologically when my voice is raised to me and of everything I do, and even more so for my own money, I prefer to have fun.
  • I asked my friends and, in the end, I got advice from a private teacher. Dozens of newcomers want to learn from him, and considering the fact that an individual driving instructor receives a salary depending on the number of students, this means that you yourself understand that being a good specialist is profitable.
  • Who could it be? According to the requirements presented, the driving experience of such a person must not less than three years, then, of course, there must be a car equipped with any gearbox (although sometimes the car is rented by the administration of the driving school) . Equally important (better, of course, the presence of special education), good diction and the ability to express their thoughts clearly and clearly.

Part 2. How to become a driving instructor at a driving school?

If you decide to work as an instructor at some nearby driving school, then the task will be simplified. The only thing you need to decide is how exactly you will teach, i.e. with a government-owned car or your own car. As you know, there is no such thing as a perfect job.

Driving the school bus. You will faced with the fact that the salary very low, but, according to experienced people, usually filled with insignificant and invisible theft of gasoline, as well as additional, individual work, overtime work, or reward for trying “A little bit” helps in passing exam at the traffic police.

With your own car. Here, in addition to the funds allocated for gasoline, the driving school will also finance all repair and re-equipment costs. It turns out that the salary will be higher. Again, lessons and personal “help” have not been canceled.

Section 3. Self-employed private teaching staff. How beneficial is it?

Now that’s more interesting, isn’t it? Apparently, what could be easier than sending an ad like this: “Experienced drivers offer private driving lessons. I will teach you how to drive your own car, feel the grip and dimensions! ”

It is guaranteed that even if you yourself do not know how to automatic car lessons drive properly, 3-4 customers (and most likely they are women) will still call and ask about such lessons every month, the main thing is to show yourself more beautifully. It seems that everything is quite simple, but illegal. They are. according to the laws of the UK Federation, even if you ask your neighbor to weld an extra pedal in order to brake at the same time, and install a “U” badge, you will still be fined heavily.

Part 4. How to become a driving instructor and organize everything correctly?

You need a special certificate that gives you the right to engage in this type of teaching activity. To get it, you must contact ROSTO (DOSAAF).

  • Reassemble your vehicle properly. And do not forget to take the entire document package from the service. You need it to register
  • At the district traffic police department, we fill out a form to make changes to the design of the car and confirm it with the chief’s seal.
  • We receive a certificate that says that your car does not endanger safety on the road.
  • Finally, we registered with the city tax office as
  • That might be all. Now you can find students safely and from the bottom of your heart rejoice at the success and the results of the work you do.
  • Such income can be a source of regular or additional income.

There are several options for this type of activity: work as an instructor at a driving school or engage in individual entrepreneurship. The choice often depends on one’s personal beliefs and life experiences.

Finance department

The first thing that all candidates are interested in is how much the instructor earns. Statistics from the website UK .turd across UK for 2017: driving training for workers in automatic driving lessons in Coventry schools brings an average of 25,000 pounds a month. The maximum salary in a school with a large number of students reaches 100,000 pounds, and the lowest – 15,000 pounds.

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